New motorcycles — 2021. Moto glitter and blackmoto <!-- – Two Wheels Hero -->

New motorcycles — 2021. Moto glitter and blackmoto

New motorcycles — 2021. Moto glitter and blackmoto

The 21st century is a time of rapid development of all types of industry, constant updates and the introduction of something completely new. It would seem that a few years ago, avid conservatives said that there would be no electric bikes in their line, and now Harley Davidson reports that its LiveWire already accelerates to hundreds in a couple of seconds and has a fast charging system. Even Ural Motorcycles showed a prototype of an electric motorcycle. Masters of the old school surreptitiously wiped away a stingy tear in anticipation of when the new products will take over the world, but in the meantime, a selection of the most anticipated motorcycles in the near future.


Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade 2021

Undoubtedly, it is expected because of the ultra-modern and short-stroke inline four-cylinder engine with a volume of 999.9 CC. If you look for the official press releases of the manufacturer, we see here 217.5 HP. at 14500 rpm. Matching the spirit of the race track suspension and electronics. That says it all.


New motorcycles — 2021. Moto glitter and blackmoto

Retro fashion has dragged on: in the 2021 model year, most motorcycle manufacturers, well-known and not so well, continued to develop the theme of caferacers, neoclassic and other scramblers. But among these, without irony, beautiful stylistically and technically devices, a few pearls of a different kind also flashed.


Bavarians released four new products: luxury Tourer BMW K 1600 Grand America - a competitor to the new "Gold" and Yamaha Venture, two new models in the GS family - BMW F 750 GS and BMW F 850 GS, and new BMW C 400 X scooter.

The BMW K 1600 Grand America is redesigned BMW K 1600 B bagger with a 6 - cylinder engine and exclusive equipment. The design of Grand America was created in accordance with the concept of relaxed and comfortable travel in the American style.


As standard, the Tourer is equipped with an electronically controlled Dynamic ESA suspension with two sets of settings (Road and Cruise), platforms for the driver's feet and reverse gear.

After about 10 years of gradual development of the GS mid-range models, BMW Motorrad engineers have decided to completely redesign the design of these popular Enduro models in order to create even more intuitive and easy-to-use motorcycles that can be used not only for sports-oriented off-roaddriving, but also for traveling with passengers and luggage.


The BMW F 850 GS is the opposite of the 750. The novelty offers motorcyclists even more power and torque in combination with characteristics that are biased in favor of long journeys and off-road trips.

The main goal of engineers in the development of new models was to simultaneously increase power and torque. Additional attention was paid to reducing the average fuel consumption. The new 853 cm3 inline two-cylinder engine with two balance shafts develops a maximum of 77 HP on the BMW F 750 GS and 95 HP on the BMW F 850 GS. The power unit is integrated into a spatial frame made of solid pipes and is a supporting element of the structure.

Two basic driving modes, Road and Rain, combined with the latest-generation ABS and ASC stabilization system, help the driver maintain control of the motorcycle in different road conditions.

New GS series motorcycles can be equipped with optional equipment previously unavailable for this segment of two-wheeled vehicles. It includes several options for seats and wind shields of various heights, led headlamps and the function of connecting personal electronic devices of the driver with a TFT display.

The new BMW C 400 X is not just a comfortable, but a driving scooter of the middle class, which is not only easy to overcome city traffic jams, but also pleasant.

The scooter is powered by a single-cylinder engine that is optimized for efficiency and develops 34 HP of power. Traction to the rear wheel is transmitted using a CVT built into the pendulum with high torsional rigidity, and innovative bearings that effectively dampen vibrations and increase overall comfort. The device is also equipped with an automatic ASC stabilization system.


The Italians expanded the Scrambler series with three models with a 1079‑CC V-shaped "two" from the Monster 1100 EVO (84 HP, 88 Nm).


Modifications of the Scrambler 1100, Scrambler 1100 Special and Scrambler 1100 Sport differ in trim and suspension elements.

In the "base" motorcycles are equipped with cornering ABS, which works when the motorcycle is traveling in a slope (in turns), tractioncontrol, led running lights and a multimedia dashboard that can display some of the information from gadgets after retrofitting with a Bluetooth module.


The Softail family has undergone major changes, including the most popular models of the Dyna family, which ceases to exist due to irrelevance: the new motors with two balance shafts do not vibrate as much as they should for Dyna models, and the visibility of shock absorbers no longer matters. The Softail platform itself has been updated: eight updated models - Fat Boy, Heritage Classic, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Deluxe, Breakout, Fat Bob and Street Bob - have received a stiffer and lighter steel frame and a pendulum arm, as well as more efficient front and rear suspensions.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Harley-Davidson Breakout 115 Anniversary Edition

New motorcycles are equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 — 1745 cm3 engine (as a factory option on a number of models, Milwaukee-Eight 114 — 1868 cm3 will be available) and will be better steering due to an optimized Dual-Bending Valve fork and an updated rear monoamortizer.

Models can be equipped with two types of swingarm levers: one for a narrow rear tire, the other for a wide one.

In the Softail family, there is also a touring - Harley-Davidson Sport Glide. This is a factory custom, suitable for both short trips around the city and for traveling.

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

Thanks to the removable trunks and fairing, the Sport Glide can easily be turned into an urban cruiser. Its variability is the main trump card, which allows you not to be torn, choosing between a motorcycle for the city and touring for weekend trips. This is the ninth motorcycle both on the Softail platform in 2021, and in the list of 100 new models that the company plans to introduce before 2027.

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

Like all Softail models in 2021, the Sport Glide will receive an updated rear monoamortistic suspension with preload adjustment. The adjustment knob is located just below the right side cover, which allows you to quickly optimize settings for the weight of passengers and luggage.

The bike is equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine and cruise control as standard.



The key novelty of the Japanese concern is, of course, the new, rebuilt from and to the Honda Gold Wing.

The bike has become smaller and lighter by 48 kg. The engine is still a horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder (126 HP, 170 Nm), but is more compact and lightweight and now features 4 valves per cylinder, contactless throttle control with four driving modes, a torque control system and an ascent assist system. The device also received a combined anti-lock braking system.


Characteristic features of the new chassis are an aluminum diagonal frame, an independent two-lever front suspension that removes the bite when braking and significantly reduces the steering force, and a Pro-Arm console with electronic adjustment, including preload of the rear spring. An electronic display, Smart Key ignition, and Apple CarPlay system are included as standard. The manual transmission is now 6-speed. The new Honda Dual Clutch Transmission with‑7 gears is available as an option. This CP also has a Walking Mode, i.e. it allows very slow to move forward (at a speed of 1.8 km/h) and backward with a speed of 1.2 km/h (with manual transmission reverse gear is still implemented using the starter), and use "start-stop".

Finally "Gold" received an electric windscreen drive, which is now adjustable in both height and angle of inclination!

However, in the basic configuration now there is not even a central trunk. And the total volume of luggage containers is reduced by 40 liters - up to 110 liters. According to the creators - in order to make the motorcycle more convenient to use in the city and on weekend trips without a large amount of luggage.

The flagship naked Honda CB1000R has been completely redesigned in a new original style not "streetfighter", but neo-retrocaferacer, called Neo Sports Cafe.

The weight of the motorcycle was reduced by 12 kg, the engine output increased to 145 HP, and the torque is now 104 Nm. Naked received a new gearbox with shortened steps, a slip clutch, an electronic throttle and a four-mode engine control unit. A fully adjustable Showa suspension system is installed on the front and rear of the bike Showa. The braking system includes two-channel ABS.

The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sport is billed as an even more adventurous and off-road motorcycle and differs from the base version with a six-liter tank, heated handles, arcs and a large windscreen.



Historically, the first American motorcycle manufacturer slightly updated the line with new colors and special versions, and also released a new model in the style of a bobber, it does not become the legendary cruise Builder to make scramblers and caferacers.

The new Indian Scout Bobber is equipped with a 1,130‑CC V-twin with 100 HP, a faceted gas tank, a quilted leather seat and thick bumpy tires.


Kawasaki, like all major global motorcycle manufacturers, except, perhaps, KTM, develops the neo-retro theme and rolled out two devices built on the basis of the Z900 naked - the classic Z900RS and the caferacer Z900RS Cafe. New products do not lag behind competitors either in design or in technical equipment and have several modes of operation of the engine, led optics, sliding clutch and radial brake calipers. The engine is a 4‑-cylinder inline, with a volume of 948CC , deforced relative to the Z900 to 110 HP and 73 Nm.

Kawasaki Z900RS

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

The flagship sportbike Kawasaki Ninja zx10r sports bike received an additional two letters to the name — SE, and to them — for the first time on a production motorcycle - the Showa KECS (Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension) suspension with 15 degrees of adjustment and a solenoid valve that allows you to adjust the damping settings on the go with a reaction speed of one millisecond.

The bike also received a double-sided quickshifter and new forged 7-spoke Marchesini wheels. The engine has not changed: the inline "four" with a capacity of 200 HP produces 158 Nm of torque. The curb weight of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R SE is 208 kg.

Another novelty is the continuation of the series of turbocharged Kawasaki motorcycles. Now — sports tourist Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX.

Significantly redesigned turbo engine with a volume of 998 cm3 has become smoother and more economical: 207 HP, 138 Nm, 6 liters per 100 km. The top-end version of the SE features the first full-color TFT dashboard on Kawasaki motorcycles, combining an analog tachometer and a multi-function on-Board computer.

One of the interesting electronic systems, in addition to the cornering ABS, is the KCMF (Kawasaki Cornering Management Function) system, which analyzes the applied power, angle of rotation and force on the brake cylinder, and then adjusts all systems in real time for optimal transition from acceleration to braking and back.


The Austrians presented their new, perhaps the most ultimatum in the class of mid-size naked 790 Duke. Inline "two" volume of 799 CC produces 105 HP and 86 Nm. With a wheelbase of 1,475 mm, a weight of 169 kg and a fork extension shorter than‑that of the 390th Duke, the novelty should have a fantastically mischievous disposition. And by next year, a competitor to the Yamaha T7, the KTM 790 Adventure R, should appear on this platform.


As part of the "cafe" trend, Suzuki also made a new SV650X - a cafe-racer in the middle weight with a V-shaped "two" as a power unit. The designers of this neo-retro model were inspired by the road racing cars of the 1970s. The novelty borrowed the motor from the standard SV650, received a new front fork with spring preload adjustment and clip-ons.


Two new "novice" models-нейкедthe GSX-S125 naked and he GSX-R125 sport bike - complement the line of Suzuki's low-volume vehicles.

Suzuki GSX-S125

Suzuki GSX-R125_6

Other models of the company have undergone more or less significant changes. So, the popular V-Strom 650 crossover received an upgraded, more powerful and torque-driven engine, tractioncontrol and an updated design. The Adventure V-Strom 250 model with inline "deuce" has been added to the line of adventure bikes.

Suzuki's sports flagship is the new GSX-R1000R. The device has received a rich legacy from the champion Superbike GSX-RR, including variable valve timing. In the list of modern electronics, you can find 10-mode tractioncontrol and cornering ABS.


The company with three tuning forks on the logo this time showed almost nothing completely new. Unfortunately, the Enduro T7 has not yet entered the production line and is expected on it only in a year. Models of the MT series received minor updates, facelifts and new colors.

The most interesting of the traditional new products - the Grand Tourer Venture, a competitor to the Honda Gold Wing. Fans of the brand have been waiting for such a device for a long time. And, judging by the description and the photos, it turned out to be the fire: air V-twin volume 1854 cm3 (170 Nm), 6‑speed manual gearbox, drive the main transmission belt "Parking mode" — move forward and backward with a minimum speed of electric start, heated grips and seats, adjustable glass, electronic gas, cruise control and others…

But we may well get a three-wheeled futuristic device Niken, named after the Japanese style of fencing with two swords. The main feature of the motorcycle is the front suspension: two telescopic feathers on each of the two front wheels. The suspension works on the Ackermann principle and allows you to tilt the bike 45 degrees. The track of the front wheels is 410 mm, i.e. the vehicle must fit in the aisle. Motor-reconfigured excellent inline "Troika" from MT-09. In the list of modern electronics: quickshifter, tractioncontrol, three engine modes, cruise control. Niken is not entirely unique — there are already quite a few three-wheeled cars of this kind: Piaggio MP3, Kymco CV3, Quadro3, Peugeot Metropolis. There is even a four-wheeled vehicle — the Quadro4 Steinbock. But all of them, unlike the Yamaha Niken, are scooters both in appearance and fit, and in technical terms, i.e. they are equipped with a CVT and have a small (up to 400 cm3) engine capacity. Niken is exactly the same motorcycle: high, with a large engine, motorcycle fit and rear suspension.


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