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The Yamaha MT-09 2021 motorcycle has received a significant portion of upgrades.


Yamaha upgrades the Yamaha MT-09 headlamp almost every year, although in fact it is now only the third update. What is the point, only people inside the company know. either marketing, or really improving.


It seems that virtually every part of the Yamaha MT-09 2021 has been modified or replaced, resulting in increased power, weight savings and other improvements. First, a new engine is installed at the heart of the motorcycle - an 890cc 3-cylinder unit. You can immediately notice the increase in displacement from 847 cm3 to 890 cm3. Despite the increase in cylinder displacement, Yamaha insists on reducing the weight of the engine and motorcycle. This was helped by new pistons, connecting rods, camshafts, and a crankshaft. Peak power - 117 HP (87.5 kW) and peak torque of 93 Nm at 7000 rpm (the current model had 113 hp and 88 Nm). In addition, the motor is now Euro5 compliant.


The frame of the motorcycle is cast as deltabox, made of aluminum. The completely redesigned subframe and swingarm are also made of aluminum, which also contributes to the reduction in weight. The curb weight reaches 189 kg.


The suspension of the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 motorcycle is provided by KYB components. The forks are fully adjustable, while the rear shock has preload and rebound settings. The braking system is assembled from Nissin components: a radial master cylinder, 298 mm front discs.


Other details: new headlight, six-axis IMU system, slip clutch, corner traction control, slide control, corner ABS.

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