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Most of the "updated" BMW models for 2021 have already been refined in recent years, or even the first to appear in the lineup. So the Bavarians made a bit of a marathon, slightly changed the stock configuration, added options and removed something. Yes, yes, you heard right: removed.  

The 2021 BMW R 1250 RS gets a new Austin Yellow Metallic color scheme with a matte black frame, while the Option 719 Stardust, previously offered in some markets, is leaving the scene. Due to new European ABS laws, the option to disable this system has been removed. The sports-touring model will also receive a new exhaust.  

Also, the RS will be available professional package drive mode (Driving Modes Pro), which includes the control and engine braking mode dashboard Core Screen Sport. Several packages will be available where milled parts combine anodized black finish with silver - Option 719 Shadow and Shadow II, Option 719 Storm and Storm II: engine covers, valve covers, handlebar levers, footrests and foot levers, and more.

The BMW R 1250 R 2021 will receive a new Mineral Gray Metallic scheme to replace the Pollux Metallic Mat, Style Exclusive and Option 719 Stardust. The red-white-blue circuit called Style HP has been renamed Style Sport. R will also get a new muffler instead of "HP"    

As on the GS, the Driving Modes Pro option on the BMW R 1250 R now features engine braking control and a Core Screen Sport dashboard mode. Option 719 trim packages with milled elements will also be available. The optional HP battery is now called the M power block.  

The 2021 BMW K 1600 range, which includes GT, GTL, B and Grand America, will receive stock reversing, daytime running lights, adaptive cornering lights and a tire pressure monitoring system. The previously available security options package, which included these options, is accordingly removed.

BMW K 1600 variants will be available in several liveries: K 1600 GT in Option 719 Mineral White Metallic, K 1600 GTL in Manhattan metallic, Style Elegance and Option 719 White metallic, and K 1600 B and Grand America now available in Mars Red Metallic    


The following changes have been made in the options for the BMW K 1600 series models:

K 1600 GT: Crash bars are available for this model and the touring package now includes external LED headlights and crash bars.

K 1600 GTLRoll bars are available for this model and are now also part of the Comfort package . 

K 1600 B: the touring package now includes external LED headlights, an audio system, roll bars, platforms, instead of which luggage compartments are available. The Comfort package includes a Shift Assistant Pro quickshifter , keyless entry, central locking, an alarm, and additional LED headlights are excluded from it.

K 1600 Grand America: The Comfort package includes the Shift Assistant Pro quickshifter, keyless entry, central locking, alarm, and additional LED headlights are excluded.

BMW S 1000 RR AND XR 2021 

The 2021 BMW S 1000 RR will receive a set of optional components , including a sports exhaust, a sports package, and a collection of high-performance M-series units (rebranding of the HP series), including a titanium exhaust, milled units, clutch and brake lever protectors, folding brake lever, folding lever clutches, engine protection, a system of additional steps, a reinforced chain and a lap timer with GPS descent. BMW Supersport also gets new Black storm metallic livery for model year

Like the RR, the 2021 BMW S 1000 XR will be available in a range of high-performance trim levels, including a titanium sports muffler, milled M-series components, folding arms, engine guard, additional footpegs, passenger footpegs, a reinforced chain, and a USB socket for charging gadgets. The tour package now includes a USB port and a new roof rack with integrated mounts for two bag options. The trunk is also available separately.

BMW R 18 AND F 900 R / XR 

Although the R 18 and F 900 R / XR first appeared in 2020, BMW has updated the available options for these models. So, in the 2021 version, the R 18 will receive cruise control and a steering damper, and both versions of the F 900 in stock will be equipped with diode turn signals and an optional system for activating professional driving modes. 

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