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Top motorcycle innovations of 2020

Top motorcycle innovations of 2020

The trends of the motorcycle industry are completely dependent on global trends. While brands have been competing in motorcycle power and maneuverability for the entire decade, by 2020 the public's focus will shift to handling, electronics, environmental friendliness and minimalistic design. And Japanese manufacturers are still leading in the number of fans. It was the development of the Asian motorcycle industry that changed the global bike market: while in America there is a slight decline in sales, in Europe they increased almost 1.5 times. What brands of new products are customers most looking forward to? What are manufacturers willing to surprise you with? What stories are they worth paying special attention to? About this in our review of motorcycles in 2020.

The most anticipated news items

  • Yamaha Tracer 700. The Japanese corrected the appearance of the flagship "tourist", giving it aggressive features. The fit and steering wheel have changed in favor of driver convenience, and the windscreen has become more streamlined, which can now be adjusted. The advanced engine complies with the Euro 5 standard.


  • Honda CB4X. Presented so far in a concept with an open release date. The representative crossover is designed on the basis of the CBR650, equipped with 17-inch wheels and a 4-cylinder engine of 95 horsepower. A potential buyer of such a motorcycle is a novice who is looking for a reliable and easy-to-use bike. A motorcycle is predicted to be in high demand and at an affordable price.


  • Suzuki V-Strom 1050. The high-speed, reliable and promising tureduro retained the 1,037 CC engine, which, according to company representatives, should become even more powerful. At the same time, the manufacturer promises that this will not affect fuel consumption in any way. The V-Strom has also been transformed externally: the body kit lines have become "broken", the two-seat seat has "turned" into a single seat, the steering wheel has acquired a new LCD instrument panel. Travel comfort is provided by weather-appropriate operating modes and modern multimedia functions.


  • Kawasaki EV Project. The first street-sports electric bike looks like a Ninja 650 and promises 100 km of mileage on a full charge. A manual transmission is installed here, which will ensure good handling and responsiveness of the bike to the actions of the pilot. Another novelty that the Kawasaki brand is involved in is Bimota Tesi H2 2020. Having bought part of the shares of the Italian company, the concern participated in the creation of a new hyperbike.


  • Harley-Davidson Pan America. Tourist Enduro with an American character and a 1250 CC engine combines the classic style of the Harley family and high technology, which we are accustomed to Asian manufacturers. The bike is designed to cope with off-road conditions and feel great on the asphalt surface.


A huge number of Italian, German, and Austrian manufacturers managed to make themselves known and intrigue with new models. But we will pay more attention to the familiar and proven representatives of the Japanese motorcycle industry on our roads.


New products from the Japanese "big four"



  • YZF-R1 is a Supersport with an advanced engine. Improved injection and valves, kept the usual 200 horsepower. One of the main changes is compliance with the Euro 5 standard. the electronics setup has become more Precise, the body kit has changed. Fans of fast driving can appreciate the reduced aerodynamic drag.

  • MT-03 - "Torque Master" with updated frame and optics. There is still a 321 CC engine, the design of body kits, optics and frames has changed, and a new LCD instrument panel has appeared. Appearance has become "sharper", and driving - more maneuverable. Another representative of the series has changed – MT-125, whose engine was "pulled up" to European standards.

  • The T-Max 560 is a stylish scooter with a 32 CC bigger engine. Its comfortable fit, low weight and fast engine make it an excellent solution for traveling in urban traffic.

  • The Tricity 300 is a three-wheeled scooter with a futuristic appearance. The main advertising message of the motorcycle is aimed at young residents of European cities who are ready to give up cars in favor of a rational and fun means of transportation.


  • The Fireblade CBR1000RR-R is a sleek 200-horsepower Superbike. It is designed for the track, and each element of the design is "charged" to win. Compact engine, extended wheelbase, customizable electronic fork, advanced functionality for monitoring the bike's performance – just some of its characteristics. The model is as technologically advanced and maneuverable as possible.

  • Africa Twin is a favorite of travelers on endless roads and off-road terrain. The 2020 configuration changed the exterior to an aggressive one with a matte finish, got a more spacious engine and a new dashboard. Now there is cruise control in the basic configuration, and the gearbox is installed both manual and automatic.

  • The CRF450R is a cross-country bike with an improved chassis and HSTC system installed. Updated and 250-CC representatives of the series, received an upgrade of brakes, engines and new color options.


  • The RM-Z250 is a well-established Enduro with an updated exterior, with an emphasis on racing ergonomics. The motor operates through a dual-injector system, which contributes to increased productivity. The bike is designed for fast and safe cornering. Updated and "senior" representative of the series-RM-Z450, having passed the basic external and technical transformations.


  • Katana is a legendary sports tourist in a state-of-the-art building. The main changes have affected the exterior, it has become avant-garde with a hexagonal front headlight and LED turn signals. The dashboard has been completely updated. The bike produces 150 HP with an engine capacity of 999 CC, and Brembo calipers are responsible for braking.



  • The KX series is a cross-country bike with an engine capacity of 65 to 450 CC. Subcompact configurations are often used to train young athletes, and they have proven themselves well on cross-country. Most of all, the KX250 model underwent an upgrade. The new engine received a modern valve system. The frame is able to absorb bumps more effectively, and the design of the air filter is rethought in favor of high-speed power. The most "senior" 450-CC representative of the series received a modified graphics.

  • ZZR1400 is a sports tourist ready to show off the bright green color scheme Golden Blazed Green.

  • ZH2-a revolutionary representative of the neaked class with a supercharged 998 CC engine. Its main characteristics: 200 horsepower, led optics, full electronic equipment with cruise control, reliable Showa suspension and much-loved Brembo brakes.

  • Ninja 1000SX-a representative of the fourth generation of the popular Kawasaki series. Designers rethought the exterior, optics switched to LED technology, electronics underwent an upgrade, and the engine now corresponds to the fifth eco-class.


Keep up with the times with Harley-Davidson

The most popular and even iconic American manufacturer also managed to intrigue fans with new bikes. In addition to the Pan America mentioned above, other models deserve attention.

  • The Bronx is a Roadster with a 975 CC engine and 115 horsepower. The manufacturer focuses on a bold appearance, behind which lies uncompromising handling. It is planned that the motorcycle will roll off the Assembly line at the end of 2020.

  • 1200 Custom-a custom motorcycle with an impressive design. At the heart of the bike is the 1250 CC Evolution engine, which makes everyone's favorite working sound. This is a classic of the family, which is equipped with the latest technology. Power is maintained by a closed exhaust system. The coating, as always, shows the perfect combination of black and chrome.

  • LiveWire - a conceptually new approach to driving presents an electric bike with a power reserve of 225 km. Harley-Davidson met the eco-trends and did a great job. The bike accelerates to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. Without the need to squeeze the clutch and shift gears, just turn the handle and enjoy the speed. It can be charged both at a specialized station and from a home outlet. The touchscreen display, adjustable frame and customization options make the LiveWire one of the most desirable bikes. The model was presented in 2019. Beginning sales are focused on the current year.

The world's leading manufacturers have something to surprise you with in the coming year. But the main thing is a direct hit to any audience needs. Whether you love speed or travel, value reliability or eco-friendly products, the modern motorcycle industry will definitely find the right solutions. So we are waiting for the market growth and further development of our favorite brands.


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