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ARROW 71697PK+71323MI BMW K1200R (2005+) Titanium Slip-on Exhaust "Maxi Race-Tech" – Accessories in the 2WheelsHero Motorcycle Aftermarket Accessories and Parts Online Shop

ARROW 71697PK+71323MI BMW K1200R (2005+) Titanium Slip-on Exhaust "Maxi Race-Tech"

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Slip-on exhaust "Maxi Race-Tech" for BMW K1200R by ARROW.  

For some bikes we felt the need in a silencer with a bigger volume. That's why the Maxi Race-Tech shape was born. Maxi Race-Tech silencers has the same technical features of Race-Tech ones, but the cross-section is increased.

The bigger volume was useful to develop silencers for big dispacement bikes with a single silencer, also. Infact this kind of bikes are more demanding respect to noise reduction and gas flow dynamics.

Maxi Race-Tech silencers are obviously available in the street legal version, with dB-killer. Silencers are available with canister in titanium, aluminium or carbon fibre and, for some top bikes, a carbon endcap is now available.

  • Approved following European Directive 97/24/EC, ch. 9
  • Silencer Outersleeve Material - Titanium
  • Rear End-cap Material - Carbon
  • Silencer Mounting- Carbon Clamp
  • Body Length - 500 mm
  • Junction (inlet) Diameter - 60 mm
  • Junction (outlet) Diameter - 55 mm
  • dbKiller- Yes

SKU: 71697PK+71323MI

Please note that this is exclusively made product and may take up to 15-20 days for production 



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