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EVOTECH Kawasaki (2007+) Motorcycle USB Charger

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Motorcycle USB Charger by Evotech Performance for Kawasaki Ninja / KLE / KLZ / Z range of motorcycles.

The Evotech Performance motorcycle charger is a device designed to provide power to electronic devices through a USB interface. It is specifically crafted to meet the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts, offering a combination of flexibility, reliability, and durability.

Extended Reach

  • Length: The 2.2-meter cable offers an extended reach.
  • Installation: Users can conveniently install and mount the USB charger in various locations on their motorcycles.
  • Flexibility: Ensures the charger can be positioned optimally for accessibility while riding or parked.

Direct Connection to Battery or Ignition Switch

  • Stable Power Source: Direct connection to the motorcycle battery or ignition switch provides a stable and reliable power source.
  • Consistent Supply: This direct wiring method allows the charger to draw power directly from the motorcycle's electrical system, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply for charging devices.

Convenient Installation

  • Simplified Process: The included cable simplifies the installation process.
  • Ready-to-Use: Offers users a ready-to-use solution for powering their USB devices.
  • Flexible Location: The length of the cable offers flexibility in choosing the installation location.
  • Direct Connection: Eliminates the need for additional adapters or power sources by connecting directly to the motorcycle's power system.

Weather-Resistant Design

  • Durability: The cable is likely designed to be weather-resistant.
  • Protection: Protects it from the elements, ensuring durability in various riding conditions.

Optimized for Motorcycle Use

  • Suitability: The inclusion of a cable for direct connection to the motorcycle battery or ignition switch underscores the charger's suitability for motorcycle applications.
  • Design Consideration: Reflects a design that takes into consideration the unique power requirements and installation challenges associated with motorcycles.

The 2.2-meter cable with a direct connection to the motorcycle battery or ignition switch enhances the usability and convenience of the Evotech Performance USB charger for motorcycles. It is well-suited for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to charge their devices while on the go, ensuring they stay powered up in all riding conditions.

Made in England

🎥 Installation video

📦 The kit includes all necessary fittings



Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX / 1000SX Performance / 1000SX Tourer / 1000SX Performance Tourer (2020 – )
Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX 40th Anniversary Edition (2024 – )

Kawasaki KLE650 Versys / Versys Grand Tourer / Versys Tourer (2020 – )

Kawasaki KLZ1000 Versys SE / Versys SE Grand Tourer / Versys SE Tourer (2022 – )

Kawasaki Z400 (2019 – )

Kawasaki Z650 (2017 – )
Kawasaki Z650 Performance (2021 – )
Kawasaki Z650 Urban / Z650RS (2022 – )

Kawasaki Z750 (2007 – 2012)

Kawasaki Z900RS (2018 – )
Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe / Performance (2018 – 2022)
Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Performance (2018 – 2020)
Kawasaki Z900RS SE (2023 – )

Kawasaki Z H2 / H2 Performance (2020 – )
Kawasaki Z H2 SE (2021 – )

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