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EVOTECH Kawasaki Z900 / Z900RS Front Wheel Sliders

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EP front wheel crash protection sliders for Kawasaki Z900 / Z900RS.

  • Molded nylon slider
  • Aluminium core with a stainless steel spindle rod
  • All other fastenings included in the kit
  • Simple to install through the front wheel forks
  • Replacement slider heads can be purchased separately

Fitted through the front wheel fork of the Z900, EP front wheel sliders offer crash protection for the forks, brake calipers and spindle retainers. Standing out from the front wheel, the nylon slider and aluminium spacer will likely be the first to take impact in any incident. The nylon slider uses Evotech Performance’s innovative design and is able to rotate on impact reducing wear and damage.

🛠 Instructions for installation

📦 All required fixings are supplied with the kit



Kawasaki Z900 (2017 – )

Kawasaki Z900RS (2018 – )

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe (2018 – )

Kawasaki Z900RS Performance (2018 – )

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Performance (2018 – )

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