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ZARD Triumph Rocket III (06/16) Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System "Sport" (racing)

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Zard Exhausts original product directly from Italy. Handcrafted to perform.

Full stainless steel racing exhaust "Sport" by Zard for the Triumph Rocket III.

Elevate your riding experience with the full stainless steel racing exhaust "Sport" by Zard for the Triumph Rocket III. This premium 3-in-1 stainless steel kit is engineered to enhance both performance and aesthetics. Available in a racing version with a dB-killer, it offers a thrilling ride without compromising on sound control. Choose from three distinct finishes: satin-finished stainless steel, black ceramic treatment resistant to high temperatures, and a unique snake-welded version. Each option ensures durability and a striking appearance that complements the aggressive style of the Rocket III.

One of the standout features of the Zard's exhaust system is its impressive weight reduction. The original exhaust weighs in at a hefty 21.5 kg, while the Zard racing exhaust tips the scales at just 4.3 kg. This significant weight saving of 17.2 kg not only enhances the bike’s performance but also improves handling and agility. Riders will immediately notice the difference in responsiveness and maneuverability, making every ride more exhilarating and precise.

Beyond the technical advantages, the Zard complete system brings a new level of craftsmanship to the Triumph Rocket III. The meticulous construction and high-quality materials used in each finish ensure longevity and resilience under the most demanding conditions. This system is not just an upgrade; it's a statement of style and performance. Transform your Triumph Rocket III with Zard Exhausts and enjoy a ride that’s lighter, louder, and undeniably more powerful.

Features of this full exhaust system:

  • Type: Racing
  • Exhaust material: Stainless steel in Satin, Black or Snake Weld finishing
  • Sleeve: Stainless steel
  • End Cap: Stainless steel
  • Weight saving: 17.2 kg (4.3 kg vs Stock 21.5 kg)
  • dB killer



Triumph ROCKET III (2006 – 2016)

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