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ZARD Triumph Thunderbird 1600 (09/16) Double Stainless Steel Slip-on Exhaust

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Zard Exhausts original product directly from Italy. Handcrafted to perform.

Double stainless steel slip-on exhaust by Zard for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600.

Elevate your riding experience with the double stainless steel slip-on exhaust by Zard for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600. This top-tier exhaust system features two stainless steel mufflers, crafted to perfection for both aesthetic appeal and enhanced performance. Riders can choose between the Euro 3 homologated version for street-legal use or the racing version for a more aggressive sound and performance on the track. With finishes available in satin, black, or mirror-polished, there’s an option to suit every style and preference.

The Zard's slip-on system significantly enhances your Thunderbird 1600’s performance by reducing weight and improving exhaust flow. Each silencer weighs just 1.5 kg, making a combined total of 3 kg, which is substantially lighter than the stock exhaust system. This weight reduction translates into improved handling and acceleration, allowing for a more agile and responsive ride. The carefully engineered design also ensures optimal sound quality, delivering a deep and satisfying exhaust note that complements the Thunderbird’s powerful engine.

In addition to performance benefits, the slip-on kit by Zard is a testament to exceptional Italian craftsmanship. The high-quality stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, even under the most demanding conditions. Whether you prefer the sleek look of satin, the boldness of black, or the dazzling shine of mirror-polished finish, this exhaust system not only enhances your bike’s performance but also adds a distinctive visual appeal. Upgrade your Triumph Thunderbird 1600 with Zard Exhausts and experience the perfect blend of style, sound, and performance.

Features of this slip-on exhaust:

  • Type: Racing / Euro 3 Homolohated
  • Exhaust material: Stainless steel in Satin, Polished or Black finishing
  • Sleeve: Stainless steel
  • End Cap: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 1.5 kg x 2



Triumph THUNDERBIRD 1600 (2009 – 2016)

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